The Development Commission links together and oversees the areas of development, stewardship, and long-range planning. The Development Commission is responsible for establishing, implementing, and supporting ministries and committees focused on encouraging stewardship through sharing of one’s gifts/talents by sharing a portion of their financial livelihood back to God. The Director of Operations is the staff resource member for this commission.

Public Relations

Public Relations / Social Media / Donor Relations is responsible for donor education, thanks, and recognition. Telling the “Good News” that encourages gift-giving.

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Stewardship is responsible for implementing year-round stewardship themes and messages. The team participates with PR/Social Media/ Donor Relations, as well as, with new parishioner orientation.

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Memorials seek to encourage ongoing special gifts that recognize loved ones and provide funding for either operations or selected projects.

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School Development

This commission is responsible for the implementation of the school development plan and interfaces with both the Development Commission and School Advisory Council.

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Special & Major Gifts

Special/Major Gifts is responsible for the encouragement of major gifts and support for any campaign efforts; encourage new gifts and renewed gifts.

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Planned Giving

Planned Giving is responsible for inviting, educating, and advancing planned giving strategies (wills & bequests) that encourage awareness and special acts of gift giving and stewardship.

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Parish Census & Directory Team

The Parish Census & Directory team is responsible for providing advice on maintaining and updating the parish database to meet the needs of improved communication.

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Directory of Ministries

The Directory of Ministries creates and maintains the comprehensive directory of the ministries and services available to our St. Charles Parish Community.

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Sunday Offertory Counters

Sunday Offertory Counters count the collection from the weekends on Monday mornings at 8:00 AM. Usually finished in 1.5 hours. These positions are appointed by the pastor.

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Volunteer Office Workers

Volunteer Office Workers provide support to the Parish Office staff as requested. This might include preparing mailings or covering the office telephone and door when the staff is out of the office.

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Media Specialists

Media Specialists are volunteers that assist the parish staff in providing excellent parish communication via all current and future media options. This includes Print, Mail, Social Media, Website, and Video. Creative help in photography, design, graphic arts, content writing, and computer applications are especially needed.

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