We have added some new opportunities for you to deepen your faith.

You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.” 
St. Augustine  Are you restless? Take time to “Retreat Yourself” and reflect on your relationship with God. Our St. Charles Parish Women’s Retreat will provide that much needed time to feel God’s love. Join together with the women of our Catholic Community as we, through the grace of God, discover our path forward as disciples. 
We will begin Friday with dinner and Session 1 in the church basement from 6 to 8pm. Saturday at 7am we will travel to the Transfiguration Center for Spiritual Renewal, returning home Sunday at 1:30pm.


For more information please contact the Retreat Director Jeanna Stallkamp jmstallkamp@gmail.com

Looking for some reasons to Join Walking With Purpose at St Charles?

5. WWP is a No-Judgement zone. We welcome any woman who is interested in studying God’s word.
4. Meet new women for fellowship and friendship during our hospitality time.
3. Be better prepared to share the Biblical principles of our faith.
2. We share our everyday challenges in an atmosphere of honesty and authenticity, accepting each other for who we are: beloved daughters of God.
1. Jesus wants your friendship and your focus on him this year.


Perhaps you have been far from God in your life or just need an opportunity to re-connect with God. The Men’s Encounter Retreat is an opportunity to hear witnesses and testimonies from men from St. Charles and how they struggle like you do to live out the Christian faith.

We will begin Friday with dinner and session 1 in the church basement from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. Saturday at 7:30 am we will travel to the Transfiguration Center for Spiritual Renewal, returning home Sunday at 1:30pm.


For more information please contact the Retreat Director Dale Fair


Following Christ is a Seven Week journey for men and women who want to know what it means to follow Jesus today. This seven-week course begins on October 25 2022 from 6:45 – 8:45 pm. If you have attended Alpha, a retreat, or have encountered Christ in your life and are looking for the practical steps to better follow Christ in your life, this is for you. In the seven weeks, we will cover topics like how to create a daily prayer habit, applying the Word of God in your life, engaging the power of the sacraments, learning to forgive, living a spirit-empowered life, and the common struggles that often accompany those who choose to follow Christ. We hope that you will consider joining us. To register for Following Christ text FC1 to 84576 or CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Are you interested in becoming Catholic? The process for becoming Catholic is called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), which is our formation process for adults who:

  • Have never been baptized.
  • Catholics who were baptized but have not celebrated all of their Sacraments of Initiation (Eucharist and Confirmation).
  • Those baptized in another Christian faith tradition who may be interested in becoming a Catholic. (maybe our other class, Inclusion, is right for you – this will be determined through the interview process).

This is the Catholic Church’s process to bring people, through study, spiritual growth, and community, into the heart of the Kingdom of Heaven. If you are interested in becoming Catholic or completing your Sacraments as an adult, please fill out the registration form, and we will set up an appointment to meet with you. After the interview, we will determine which class is the best path to help you receive your sacraments. 


Zach Everett Director of Discipleship & Evangelization 419-228-7635 everettz@stcharleslima.org

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