Are you ready to learn what it means to be an all in follower of Jesus? Do you want to be challenged to share your faith, and the gospel message with others? Do you want support and accountability to grow in your spiritual life and discern your missionary call? Then this is for you. This is a 14 week intensive mentoring and leadership course. Every week you will complete some video training and homework, and then gather together as a small group to discuss what you have learned. You will meet one on one with a mentor to help you discern where God is calling you as well as to challenge you outside of your comfort zone. We are called to be Followers of Jesus, and like the rich young man, we ought to count the cost of following Him. This is our opportunity to count the cost and learn what it takes to be the true kindred of Jesus. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Looking for some reasons to Join Walking With Purpose at St Charles?

5. WWP is a No-Judgement zone. We welcome any woman who is interested in studying God’s word.
4. Meet new women for fellowship and friendship during our hospitality time.
3. Be better prepared to share the Biblical principles of our faith.
2. We share our everyday challenges in an atmosphere of honesty and authenticity, accepting each other for who we are: beloved daughters of God.
1. Jesus wants your friendship and your focus on him this year.

To REGISTER or for more info contact Elizabeth Lynch at 419-303-6149 or


Join Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR in this incredible 14 part video series which is awakening God’s love and transforming power in the hearts of all who participate. Discover the Holy Spirit who has been revealed to us by Jesus Christ and who leads us to our heavenly Father. This adventure consists of Fr. Dave speaking on an attribute of the Holy Spirit, a practical application on how to respond to the Holy Spirit, and testimonies of people from across the country whose lives have been impacted by the Spirit of God. This series will be offered virtually beginning on February 25, 2021, at 7:00 PM. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. The series will be offered in-person beginning on February 23, 2021, at 7:00 PM. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Are you interested in becoming Catholic? The process for becoming Catholic is called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), which is our formation process for adults who:

  • Have never been baptized.
  • Catholics who were baptized but have not celebrated all of their Sacraments of Initiation (Eucharist and Confirmation).
  • Those baptized in another Christian faith tradition who may be interested in becoming a Catholic. (maybe our other class, Inclusion, is right for you – this will be determined through the interview process).

This is the Catholic Church’s process to bring people, through study, spiritual growth, and community, into the heart of the Kingdom of Heaven. If you are interested in becoming Catholic or completing your Sacraments as an adult, please fill out the registration form, and we will set up an appointment to meet with you. After the interview, we will determine which class is the best path to help you receive your sacraments. 


Zach Everett Director of Discipleship & Evangelazation 419-228-7635

Welcoming with Love, Serving With Christ,
Believing with Faith