The Reverend Walter T. Hanley established St. Charles Borromeo in 1953, and the first building contained both school and church serving the 250 families comprising the parish. Eventually, this became St. Charles Elementary School serving grades kindergarten through eighth.

The present Spanish Mission styled church was built and dedicated in 1964 at a cost of $450,000. The original design was by Helser and Helser Architects. Father Hanley was a student of church history and design and what stands today as St. Charles Church is about 85% Hanley and 15% Helser. In 2016 St. Charles had an additional gathering space added on to the church’s south side.

St. Charles Church and Elementary School, preschool to grade 8, are located on West Elm Street at the intersection of Elm Street and South Cable Road. St. Charles is the newest of the four Lima parishes and serves the southwest quadrant of Allen County. The high school, Lima Central Catholic, is located only a few short blocks south on Cable Road.

The current parish office, which was formerly located across from Church on Elm Street, was recently built between the Church and school. The current rectory is located across the Church on Elm Street.

The residence immediately north of the rectory was purchased to house the Sisters of Charity who once taught at the school. When the nuns no longer served the parish, the house was converted into a home for senior adults who could no longer live without assistance. This house was remodeled again and is now being used as housing for college students. This addition to the parish was named the Newman Hanley House.

The current pastor of St. Charles is Rev. Kent Kaufman.

St. Charles is a vibrant faith community, attracting people from all over the area. Thanks for being a part of our history!

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