Ministry Commissions of St. Charles

In late 2015 and early 2016, St. Charles established five Ministry Commissions to better serve our parishioners. The Ministry categories are Outreach, Worship, Formation, Community, and Administration.
Hopefully, you’ll find a ministry that fulfills your spiritual needs or one that enables you to serve God’s people and provide much-needed support and service to the Lima-area community and our parish.

Our St. Charles Ministries are always looking for volunteers. If you have questions about an individual ministry, please call the Parish Office at 419-228-7635.

Worship and Liturgy

The purpose of the Worship and Liturgy Ministries is to aid in enhancing the understanding of the paschal mystery to the faithful through word, song, sacrament, and environment, and to maintain the principles of sound liturgy as expressed in official documents of the Church. By doing so we hope to provide a sense of community and personal worship within the confines of these principles.


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The purpose of the Outreach Ministries is to empower people in their ministry of Christian Service. This is done by promoting and sponsoring programs that help ensure justice and charity for all God’s people.


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The St. Charles Formation Ministries purpose is to help people grow in the image of Christ, providing programs of formation for our children and adults that first win their hearts and equip their minds, and then send them forth in service of the Lord.


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The goal of our Community Ministries is to build in St. Charles a sense of community and belonging through one of the many ministries and activities available. Working together for the benefit of our church family is a wonderful way to get to know your fellow parishioners as well as building wonderful, lasting friendships, making St. Charles a place you can call your second home.


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Our St. Charles Administration Ministries help with coordination and planning of the many aspects of parish financial and budget matters, stewardship of resources, church and parishioner communications, and the upkeep of the physical facilities and properties of the St. Charles parish.


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