Hello, my name is Jodi Roberts your Director of Christian Corner Community Center (CCCC)! I would like to tell you a little about myself and my goals for CCCC.

I am 35 years old, I have an amazing husband, 3 cute boys (Ages 19, 21, 23) and 3 cuter puppies (Petie, Noddles, Oreo). I spend as much time as I can with my boys and family. Family is what is most important to me! My youngest son is in the Airforce now, and my oldest son just got out of the Airforce after severing 4 great years. I do try and visit my youngest every other month if I’m able. As parents we always say we can’t wait for ours kids to grow up… but the hardest thing I’ve had to do is letting my boys go. I CHERISH every minute I get with them now. My husband and I are one of a kind! We work hard, love harder, and serve Jesus!  We are not that couple that likes to sit around and do nothing. We always have a project or mission (sometimes multiple at the same time) we are working on. He has a full-time job, we redo homes in our free time, he teaches a bible study once a week, and he always helps me at the center with thing I can’t do alone. He is one busy man & I am a lucky girl! But we always make time for each other. Me, I love to serve and show the love of Jesus. That is how I found the center – it was all God – which has now became my baby. I’ve put my whole heart in to the people who come in and the building itself. Jesus put me here and I respect and appreciate the opportunity he gave me.

          My goals for CCCC are to teach, love, feed, and clothe the needy first and most. Also, to have fun along with everything we do/have at the center. However, I would love to help our friends get back up on their feet and not need CCCC. Hopefully they will even eventually volunteer and help that one person who is in a similar position they were – there’s no one better!  I just want to be there for them when they need a friend, someone to cry with, talk with, or even if they just need someone to sit quietly with them to get through whatever. I just want to show everyone (needy, volunteers, employees) the love of Jesus! Because without Jesus I would not be the woman I am today. Jesus loved me even when I didn’t love him back- but he never left! He just sat quietly beside me and waited for me to love him back. Now I want to show EVERYONE the love I get because it’s truly amazing! I just want to do what we all are commanded to do, be there when no one else is. I will try my best to have Holiday parties, summer cook outs, and special events so it’s not just a Soup Kitchen, it’s a family environment. No one should feel like they’re not doing as well as the rest of the world. A place they want to come to, not that they need to come to.

Thank You for the opportunity to be your Director of Christian Corner Community Center!


Jodi Roberts

Build Community, Follow Jesus,
Witness to the World