February 15, 2021

Dear Parents, 

Every year all Catholic parishes hold classes for the kids called “Empowering God’s Children” through the Virtus program.  This program is designed to work toward the prevention of abuse by educating our children about their right to healthy boundaries and about safety guidelines. This year, due to Covid restrictions, we will not be able to offer these classes for the kids in-person.  Listed below are the lesson plans for lessons 3 and 4 (the 2 lessons that we are scheduled for this year) to be presented at home.  

There are also 2 pages that have been sent to your email.  I am asking that you return one or the other of them at your earliest convenience.  The first is a letter stating that you were able or you will be completing the lessons included in this packet.  The other is an Opt-out form if you would prefer that your child not receive the instruction.  You can either scan and email them back to me, drop them in the regular mail, bring them to Mass and drop them in the collection, drop them in the church office during business hours or our parish mailbox, or even text a picture of the form to me personally at 419-905-8472.  So plenty of options.  

The purpose of this is due to the fact that we do have to report to the Diocese of Toledo to let them know that we are providing the instruction to our youth.  We really appreciate your timely response and thank you for your support.  

God is Good!

Julie Fischbach

Youth Faith Formation Coordinator

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Witness to the World